Making Sense of Me

It's a strange reality that followers of Christ are, indeed, alive in two worlds. In Making Sense of Me, women and girls discuss growing up in this world, yet belonging to the Kingdom of God.
Theologically rich, yet packed with personal stories and tender moments of worship, Making Sense of Me  brings the heart of the Gospel story to generational discipleship

A beautiful and gentle series of lessons for mothers and daughters to share together. 

Making Sense of Me  is planned for release in 2016.

Foreigners in the City of Silk

In 2010, Jeff and Anya and their four children set out on what was to become the adventure and, unexpectedly, the privilege of a lifetime. 

In Foreigners in the City of Silk, Anya writes about the bewildering and surprising,  frustrating and humbling, experiences of living as a foreign family in Turkey. Journey with Anya as she grapples with doing business, educating children, and leading an unlikely group of expats, while all the while embarking on a much more personal journey - one that takes her deep within her own soul. 

Foreigners in the City of Silk is scheduled for publication in 2019.