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Feels Like I'm Breathing (100% FUNDED)

Ransomed - Healed - Restored - Forgiven


What does a woman do when she on the other side of the world, and she's falling apart? When she knows she's a hopeless mess and she can't stop damaging the very people she loves the most? 

It was Ramadan in Turkey, and Anya decided, in desperation, to seek God, along with the locals, for an entire month.  What started out as a cry for help, led to a journey with God through aches and hurts, bondage and chains that she didn't even know she had been carrying.

Feels Like I'm Breathing is the intimate journal of a woman who wrote down every word she said to God, every word He spoke back, and how the Gospel turned out to be more glorious than she'd ever imagined.


PLEASE NOTE: Anya's desire is to have these journals translated into three languages for the benefit of traditionally unreached countries. Details will be provided to participating donors.

The 'Feels Like I'm Breathing' project includes interior formatting, printing, marketing and distribution of these journals. 

Philanthropists are now invited to participate in this project

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